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We don't support JBoss 6 since we noticed that JBoss 6 is not as stable as JBoss 5.1 and JBoss 7.0.2.
Appeon Server 2013 for .NET for cannot be installed on IIS 5 of Windows XP. However, the Appeon Developer portion can be installed (Appeon toolbar on PB IDE). If you need to install Appeon Server 2013 on a Windows XP machine, please choose one of the following options: * Install Appeon Server to a separate machine that is not Windows XP * Setup a non Windows XP OS instance on VMWare for the server. Please keep in mind that Appeon Server 2013 for JAVA can be installed on Windows XP and IIS ...
Currently Appeon doesn't support using the integrated security on SQL Server 2008 database
Appeon 2013 does not support EAServer 5.5 version. Please upgrade to EAServer 6.3 or 6.2 or 6.1
If you can find "appeonsample" data source in the configuration wizard - Add Transaction object (see Pic1) but cannot find it in the configuration wizard - Database type profile configuration (see Pic 2) you need to install the 32 bit ASA and re-install the Appeon Developer on the developer machine to resolve this issue. Appeon Developer is a 32 bit application that supports 32 bit ASA. If you doesn't install the 32 bit ASA the 32 bit "appeonsample" ODBC data source is not created (Pic2). This is the...
The Appeon Server can run on any of the following cloud platforms to provide a cloud computing environment for the deployed applications: 1. Windows Azure 2. Amazon Web Services 3. RackSpace Cloud What's more, the Appeon Workspace turns Mobile + Cloud and even Mobile + Multi-Cloud into reality. Appeon supports the mainstream cloud services, therefore, developers only need to deploy the mobile application to any cloud-based server, and then the end users can connect to different cloud servers in the Appeon...
For .net and EAserver, it is application file, for others Application server, for example: JBoss, WebLogic, etc., it is war file.
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