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Appeon J2EE version can support calling the EJB, but you need to use the Appeon EJB solution. Refer to the Appeon Help | Appeon Workarounds PBL Reference | Appeon EJB Solution to get more detailed information.
Does Appeon has a sample application that uses MS SQL Server 20008 instead of SQL Anywhere? No, Appeon doesn't have one. However you can easily build a simple application, 1 window, 1 DW, and connect to SQL Server.
If you want to change your Appeon version, you need to uninstall Appeon and then reinstall it. You can export all Appeon server and Appeon developer settings before uninstalling Appeon. Once you have installed the new version, you can import this entire configuration and redeploy your application using the AEM console.
What type of request does the IE client send to the appeon server ? Post or Get? IE client send post request to Appeon Server
Is there a "human action" to be done in the 2nd server to redirect the charge or this is done automatically? It is automatic, please be sure to configure the clustering and load balancing in an appropiate way.
When updating your application in your servers (main server and fail-over server) you need to configure the deployment of the application on both servers as show in the attachment in order to be automatically.
The servers were the failover will me implemented, do they must be in the same place? Or can they be different geographic places? To ensure good scalability and performance all the servers and database working with Appeon should be in the same LAN.
We're not aware of any "mobile device" that runs Windows XP or Windows 7, but if there is then Appeon could be run on such Windows devices. However, it cannot be run on Windows Mobile (even though it has IE) because the IE of Windows Mobile is different from IE of Windows 7, for example. Appeon Mobile will supports mobile devices.
The PFC NVO is not the same as 'PowerBuilder NVO' on Appeon documentation, which is the EAServer distributed program. Appeon for IIS, JBoss, Websphere and Weblogic version can support PB NVO object and doesn't support the EAServer component.
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