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You need to do a one-time_ REWRITE OR REMOVAL_ of the unsupported PowerBuilder objects and code that_ ARE CRITICAL IN RUNNING THE APPLICATION IN POWERBUILDER_. Appeon automatically comments out all unsupported features, an action that may render a particular functionality inoperable or absent from the Web application. Appeon provides tools to aid you in identifying and working around these unsupported features: · Unsupported Features Analysis (UFA) report - UFA scans a PowerBuilder application for most an...
Appeon 6.5 and above support PB 12 Classic. If you migrate away from PB 12 Classic to PB.NET / PB 12 WPF you will not be able to use Appeon. Note: when Appeon deploys the application to the Web there is no more PB code. It is 100% running on .NET or JAVA environment and it can be integrated with other .NET/JAVA applications at the server side or client side.
You cannot test Appeon with the advanced GUI sample. This is unsupported.
The GIF is supported by Appeon but the motion effect of GIF files are unsupported.
GOTO is an unsupported feature. It needs to be removed from your PB Code.
Appeon Mobile & Appeon Web supports most PB features. Class Definition is not supported, but there is a workaround solution for this unsupported feature. Please contact us for details at [1] Also, object-oriented programmnig concepts are all fully supported, such as inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation... Links: ------ [1]
ActiveX or other third-party Windows components are not supported in Appeon Mobile. The reason is that mobile device like iOS and Android cannot run Windows technologies. You can always reproduce some similar functionalities with the supported features (in default with PB code )
The Unsupported Features Analysis (UFA) is a .xml file "UFA_Report.xml"; The supported format can be an excel or an xml. This file will give the list of the unsupported features of your application.
The GIF is supported by Appeon, but the motion effect of GIF files is unsupported.
Appeon doesn't currently support WebSphere Portal, for the moment Appeon only support Sybase Enterprise Portal.
The development team has been working on the compatibility of Ultimate Suite with PowerServer / Appeon Web. Unfortunately, we have come across a number of performance issues. Even after having optimized the software, the performance is not at an acceptable level. For the moment, we have decided not to continue pursuing this option and so today PowerServer and Ultimate Suite are not compatible. For example, Ultimate Suite uses the Windows GDI API to draw graphics. This technique is not supported in the ...
Transparent image is not currently supported in Appeon Mobile.
The URL Schema is currently unsupported. We have recorded it in our CR pool and will publish this feature when supported.
Appeon Server 2013 for .NET for cannot be installed on IIS 5 of Windows XP. However, the Appeon Developer portion can be installed (Appeon toolbar on PB IDE). If you need to install Appeon Server 2013 on a Windows XP machine, please choose one of the following options: * Install Appeon Server to a separate machine that is not Windows XP * Setup a non Windows XP OS instance on VMWare for the server. Please keep in mind that Appeon Server 2013 for JAVA can be installed on Windows XP and IIS ...
Currently Appeon doesn't support using the integrated security on SQL Server 2008 database
The transparency settings for objects within a datawindow is unsupported.
The datawindow timers is not supported. Please try to move the script from datawindow timers to window timers to work around this issue, if it doesn't help, then please provide us a simple test case to research if we can find any workarounds.
Currently the Dropdown Calendar of EditMask control is not supported by Appeon web. Instead, we only supports the calendar as system controls.
OpenUserObject and CloseUserObject as the USER OBJECTS are the new features of PB 12.5, both features are unsupported by Appeon and no feasible workarounds. But Appeon can support the OpenUserObject and CloseUserObject if both are used as THE FUNCTIONS OF THE WINDOW OBJECTS.
OCX and Dlls are windows techonology, they are not supported by iOS or Android
Windows 8 has two versions of Internet Explorer 10: a conventional browser that lives on the legacy desktop, and a new Metro-style, touch-friendly browser that lives in the Metro world. The second of these, the Metro browser, does not support any plugins. This is why the Appeon Web application doesn't work by IE on START screen (it is a kind of Metro-style Internet Explorer) on Windows 8.
The zoom feature is not support by Appeon, and for the moment we have no plan to support it.
The TableBlob which is a new feature of PB 12.5 is not supported by Appeon at present, please try to work around this issue by following the steps below: 1. Add column FILE_PATH to datawindow object and have the property 'Display As Picture' checked . 2. Retrieve the blob data from database and write it to a image file. 3. Set the file path above as the value of column FILE_PATH.
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