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Appeon for PowerBuilder supports much more features than any other solution on the market. For example, Appeon supports ALL DataWindow types, ALL UI controls, ALL window types, ALL data types, nearly every single PowerScript statement, OCX/OLE/DLL controls, and even PFC. In a nutshell, Appeon supports the most important and commonly-used features of typical PowerBuilder applications. To see a more detailed list of supported features visit the SUPPORTED FEATURES SECTION.
Yes Sybase PFC libraries are supported. However, the PFC libraries, or any PB code for that matter, would be subject to the features that Appeon supports on the Web. Appeon has taken the time to eliminate the unsupported features for the Sybase PFC and provide this to our customers to save them time. This is called ACF framework (Appeon compliant framework). It is included with the product, go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Appeon\Developer2013\appeondemo\ACF_Framework\
Yes, other Java Web applications can be integrated with Appeon Web applications. This can be done in a number of ways depending on what you are trying to achieve. There are hooks to integrate at the client-side as well as the server-side, including consuming/exposing business logic via native Java calls or Web services.
Appeon 6.5 and above support PB 12 Classic. If you migrate away from PB 12 Classic to PB.NET / PB 12 WPF you will not be able to use Appeon. Note: when Appeon deploys the application to the Web there is no more PB code. It is 100% running on .NET or JAVA environment and it can be integrated with other .NET/JAVA applications at the server side or client side.
Customers using Appeon 6.5 no longer need to use the PDF printer. Appeon 6.5 now has built-in PDF functionality. You can use the script like ', PDF!, true)' to generate PDF file without any other 3rd party program, however it is not supported to combine 2 different PDF file.
CAN APPEON SUPPORTS OLE WORD INTERFACE FOR THE DOCUMENT PRODUCTION WHERE APPLICATION LAUCHES WORD AND CONTROLS ITS BEHAVIOUR? Yes, Appeon can support this feature. OLEObject ole_word ole_word= CREATE OLEObject ole_word.ConnectTonewObject("word.Application")
Can Appeon support the local external function implemented using third party DLLs? Yes, Appeon can support the external function.
Appeon Server (AEM) and Appeon Developer toolkit can support English and Japanese. If the customer installs the English version, the configuration displayed in both AEM and Appeon Developer windows should be English. If they install the Japanese version, the configurations are in Japanese in Appeon. Arabic is not supported in AEM and Appeon Developer. If the customer's PB application (for example, the user interface) is designed in Arabic, there should be no problem for Appeon to display the Arabic i...
This is not possible directly via a specific URL, but there is a workaround: You could use the CommandParm feature of PB and pass in the window name they want to default to. Then when the application starts up it reads the argument and automatically opens the correct window. On the Web, the CommandParm is appended to the URL as an argument. But just to point out, this solution doesn't "extract" specific windows out of the application. It just makes it so the user doesn't have to navigate manually to the des...
Appeon support NVOs and it is not required to use EAServer in order to use NVOs. NVOs can be run at the client-side with Appeon.
Appeon Web support PNG files. If you are using a lower version, you must convert your PNG files in JPG To do that, you can try the freeware tool below Best Free Image Converter [1] Links: ------ [1]
The GIF is supported by Appeon but the motion effect of GIF files are unsupported.
Appeon supports OCX/OLE controls. This is the common way developers integrate MS office with their PB Application, and Appeon supports this paradigm.
Appeon Mobile will support exception handling, but not in Appeon Mobile 1.x. We plan to support it in later versions, most likely in Appeon Mobile 2.x.
Appeon has its own functionality to handle the datawindow saveas PDF. Ghostscript, pscript5.dll, ps5ui.dll and pscript.ntf are not needed any more.
Does Appeon support Active Directory for authentication? Is it possible to access Appeon web application from another web application by single sing on service? Generate speaking, the single sign-on service provider will provide an authentication mechanisms interface to you via cookie or web service or JSP function, and the architecture should be like this: 1. Another Web application page pass the user information via JSP function. For example: CAS SSO (, this system provides re...
The GIF is supported by Appeon, but the motion effect of GIF files is unsupported.
_Appeon supports to open a file on the mapped Drive and copy file to a mapped Drive, but it requires that the mapped drive ( X:\) is added on every client, and every client has read and write permission to this mapped drive. _ It requires mapping the X:\Drive for every client machine, but not the Application Server, and you cannot map the X:\Drive for a client machine in WAN, so it works in LAN only. If you want to upload and download files on the web in WAN, please use the AppeonFileService I me...
Is PDF/Excel creation supported by Appeon Mobile? Yes, it is supported in Appeon Mobile, you can use the script like below to generate PDF/EXCEL file (this way is the same as PB): dw_1.saveas("test.xls", Excel!, true) dw_1.saveas("test.pdf", PDF!, true)
Appeon Mobile supports SaveAs function but there are still limitations that stated as below (you can find this information in the Appeon Help | Features Help for Appeon Mobile | DataWindow | DataWindow control | Functions page): 1. The saveastype argument can be TEXT, HTMLTable, PDF*, or EXCEL. For the EXCEL format, only up to 256 characters are supported and anything larger will be automatically truncated. 2. The supported SaveAs syntax : ll_testvalue = dw_test.SaveAs(filename, saveastype, colheading, e...
If you want to set up external third party tools with Appeon Web, you need to add the related external third party files to the Appeon developer configuration file. For more details please refer to the Appeon Help | Appeon Developer User Guide | Configuring Appeon Developer | Using Configure Tool | Managing application profiles | Application profile settings | Additional Files.
You can customize the index.html and call the Web service or EJB.
Exactly, Appeon web supports the Windows API calls.
Yes, Appeon supports the API COMs including the activePDF Toolkit COM API, but these kind of components need to be installed on the client machine by the end user.
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