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Appeon supports PowerBuilder 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x. , 12.0 and 12.5.2 PB 12 Classic
Appeon supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 Appeon is currently working on supporting FireFox and Chrome for Windows OS in the Appeon 7.0 release expected in early 2014
Appeon 7 (to be released) will support Firefox. Appeon utilizes sophisticated Microsoft presentation framework for the UI presentation. As such, it can only be compatible with Windows OS for the browser side and the FireFox support will be limited to Windows OS.
Is Windows 64 bits supported for end users? Yes, but if their application include any third-party DLLs those DLLs also need to support 64-bit. If it is pure PB application and no third-party DLLs are used then automatically Appeon creates both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and will serve the correct version based on if user has 32-bit or 64-bit IE browser.
Step 1: Backup the following folders and files under the older appeon folder. Folders: %Application home%/appeon/repository % Application home%/appeon/config % Application home%/appeon/bin Files: % Application home%/appeon/license.appeon % Application home%/appeon/license.appeon.original % Application home%/appeon/license.appeon.upgrade (if license.appeon.upgrade exists) Step 2: Uninstall the old Appeon Server. Step 3: Run to Install the latest Appeon Server. ...
The current version of Appeon, Appeon 6.6 support only IE browser. The next version, Appeon Web 7 will support Chrome, Safari and Firefox under Windows. This release is expected in Q4 2013.
Multiple Appeon applications cannot be run in the same Internet Explorer session. You will find more information below: With IE 7, it is unsupported to tab browse multiple Appeon applications deployed with the same Appeon version, as all tabs are sharing the same session in IE 7. With IE 8\9\10, by default, you can run no more than two Appeon web applications in different tab pages, or different IE browsers. If you want to run multiple Appeon Web applications (more than 3) with IE 8\9\10, you can: 1....
Appeon 6.5.1 can run on Windows 8/IE 10 but please note the following 2 limitations: 1. Appeon Debugger does not work on Windows 8 2. IE 10 must be set to compatibility mode in order to run Appeon Web apps. Appeon 6.6 will not have these limitations.
Appeon Mobile will not support Windows RT, we will only support Windows Phone 8. Even though Windows RT has IE 10 the browser does not support any plug-ins. Appeon Web requires installation of a browser plug-in. So Appeon Web can only run on regular Windows 8 not Windows RT.
Due to new protection mechanism in Microsoft, address bar in IE 7/8/9/10 cannot be hidden directly without doing settings within IE. For more details please check the following pages: at: [1]. We also stated it in our help documentation at: [2]. However, you can use one of the workarounds as below to hide the address bar and menu bar i...
Appeon Web works on Windows surface on Windows tablets however Appeon Mobile doesn't support any Windows platform for the moment.
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