Appeon 2015 - Error when running the application on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 11 August 2014 04:18 PM

If you run into the error "The Appeon XCelerator plulg-in cannot be loaded" when you deploy your webenabled application on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera with Appeon 2015 beta, please follow next steps:

You are running in this error because the URL you are running is incorrect. Please see the following examples and try them with your application:

If you run the sales application on your local computer, you must use the following URL

Run http://localhost/sales in Firefox 

Run  http://localhost/sales/chrome_index.htm when you run sales app in Google Chrome

Run  http://localhost/sales/firefox_index.htm when you are using Firefox.

Run   http://localhost/sales/chrome_index.htm  when you are using Opera

Please read the tutorial 2 : Config, Run and Deploy your application to have more information

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