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Appeon 2013 R2 - Appeon Wokspace Server
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 25 February 2014 01:12 PM

Starting with Appeon 2013 R2, the Appeon Workspace (AWS) available in the Apple Store is only for demostration purposes, you won't be able to add any other application to it. 

In order to deploy your applications to the mobile devises of your end users you need to host your own AWS. You can set up your Appeon Workspace Server by following the below procedure:

1. Get the AWS installation package.

For Appeon Mobile 1.0 users, the file is available at:

For Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 users or later, the file is packed into the installation package of Appeon Mobile 2.0. By default, the directory is:


2. Refer to the PDF document of “How to” in the above file to set up your own Appeon Workspace Server and get a download link (see attached)

3. Send out the download link of Appeon Workspace to your clients and ask them to install the AWS immediately. 

If you have any questions on implementing above change, please send a ticket in our support portal Thanks for your cooperation.


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