Knowledgebase: Appeon 2013 R2
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 03 January 2014 03:53 PM

Tutorial 1: Setup the Environment | PDF | Video |

 Before using  Appeon 2013 R2 (Appeon Mobile 2.0), you need to prepare the machine and set up the environment first. 

Tutorial 2: Config, Deploy & Run the Application | PDF | Video |

 When the environment is ready, you can go to the next step to configure, deploy and run the application. Read this document for detailed instruction. 

Tutorial 3: Develop & Debug with Appeon Mobile | PDF |

 Read this document for detailed instructions for how to develop and debug your Appeon Mobile application. 

Tutorial 4: Running Mobile Application on a real mobile devise | Video |

This video will show you how the application looks on a real Android Device

Special Tutorial for Android Beta 2.0 Users

This tutorial is created for users who have installed Android Beta 2.0 and want to upgrade to Appeon 2013 R2 (Appeon Mobile 2.0)

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