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Suggestions for Testing the Appeon 2013 R2 (Appeon Mobile 2.0)
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 03 January 2014 03:33 PM
Suggestions for Users Testing  Appeon 2013 R2 (Appeon Mobile 2.0):
  • Application: As the product is still under development, there will be some unknown issues in the product. If you directly convert a large-size existing application, it's more likely to encounter issues, therefore, we suggest you develop a new application according to the supported and unsupported features in the Features Help.
  • Run: After you deploy the application, before you run the application on the iOS or Android device, first make sure the application can run normally in Internet Explorer. If the application failed to run in IE, then it will fail to run on the iOS or Android device too. Reason is the Web version is based on Appeon Web that has been on the market for over 10 years. As such, if you find something in your application is not working in the Web version, chances are it is an unsupported feature rather than a beta bug.
  • Development: To easily track down issues, we highly suggest that you develop your applications in the same way as rolling a snowball, which means, once you finish developing a function, deploy the application and test (in both IE and the iOS or Android device), and then you proceed developing the next function. Do not wait until all the development has completed and then deploy the application.
  • Debug: If the application cannot work correctly on the iOS or Android device, then run and debug the application in Internet Explorer 8 first using the Appeon Debugger in ADT. If it works in IE but fails to work on the iOS or Android device, please send us your test case, we will analyze and locate the problem as soon as possible.
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