Appeon Web - Appeon plug in silent instanllation
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 20 December 2013 10:31 AM

You can do a silent installation of Appeon plug in by using a msi file.

You can choose either of the three ways we describe below. Once the install is completed successfully you can get the weblibrary.dll and ceondownloadcenter.dll under the directory C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files or C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.x.

#1- Use the MSI package directly to do the installs.

ax_install_x32.msi /qn OPTION="-s"

#2- Use ax_install.exe which is released from MSI to do the installs.

ax_install.exe -s

#3- Use the update.exe, and that are released from ax_install.exe to do the installs. Let’s take these three files are released to c:\temp for example.

@REM must set the current directory to the directory where and files locate at, otherwise 
@REM update.exe cannot find out the two files.
cd c:\temp //,
update.exe -s

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