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Appeon - Performance tuning guide
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 03 September 2013 05:58 PM

Most of the performance issues that a web-enabled application has are related to the PB code. Once a c/s application is deployed on the WEB with Appeon, the powerscript needs to be tuned. 

You can refer to the Appeon Performance Tuning Guide and to the document "How to debut the Appeon Application "- see attachment.

We also recommend you read Yakov Werde’s article called "Appeon Performance Tuning" (see attached). This article explains why PB code can have problems on the Web  and explains Technique #4 in the Performance Tuning Guide .

From the techniques used in the Performance Tuning Guide, we advise the use of technique # 1 - to move the logic of your application to the stored procedures.

 isug-yakov-oct-2011.pdf (3.17 MB)
 appeon_performance_tuning_guide.pdf (1.37 MB)
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