Issue - Empty/Null Value Update Error on Sybase Databases (ASE or ASA)
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 04 July 2013 04:51 PM

If the Web application uses a Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) database or a SQL Anywhere  database that is set as ASE-compatible, database updates may fail.  This is a known issue and must be worked around during the development of the PowerBuilder application.  It is not covered by emergency Technical Support.

The cause of this issue is if the length is 0 or the value of the data is NULL for any data in a database table where the data is of a string type, such as varchar or char data type, the data retrieved from the database through a JDBC driver will have a length greater than 0. Rather than a null value, the data returned will be padded with a series of spaces. As a result of this padding, the database update will fail.

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