Issue - Browser Plugin Does Not Load
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 04 July 2013 04:45 PM

Ensure the following before contacting Appeon:

  • Supported Windows OS and Web browser version are being used.
  • The URL is added to the Internet Explorer trusted sites list and the security for the zone is set to medium or lower.
  • The URL used to launch the application ends in index.htm NOT application.htm (even though after accessing from index.htm it automatically redirects to application.htm).
  • If it still fails, restart the computer, disable the anti-virus program and try again.
  • If it still fails, disable UAC (Use Account Control), restart the computer so the change takes effect, and try again. 

Please note that these steps will resolve 99% of the issues, and the remaining 1% are still always configuration issues preventing the browser plugin from loading properly.

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