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Appeon Web - How to open and copy a file on the mapped Drive in LAN?
Posted by inactif_04 inactif_04 on 08 January 2013 10:43 AM

Appeon supports to open a file on the mapped Drive and copy file to a mapped Drive, but it requires that the mapped drive ( X:\) is added on every client, and every client has read and write permission to this mapped drive. 

It requires mapping the X:\Drive for every client machine, but not the Application Server, and you cannot map the X:\Drive for a client machine in WAN, so it works in LAN only. 

If you want to upload and download files on the web in WAN, please use the AppeonFileService I mentioned above.

Appeon provides a AppeonFileService object which is for downloading and uploading files on the web, please refer to Appeon Help | Appeon Workarounds Guide | Appeon Workarounds PBL Reference | File Upload and Download chapter for details.

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