Appeon Mobile - UI resize: can we use the same CODE for tablet & smartphone?
Posted by inactif_04 inactif_04 on 26 June 2012 04:01 PM

Appeon Mobile provides a function to automatically resize the UI, so one code can be used for both targets.  However, if the customer’s window has too many DataWindows and controls, then when Appeon resizes it to iPhone it will be too small for the user to work effectively and efficiently.  So the point is if a customer really wants to target both devices with 1 code they should design their app so it works well on iPhone. 

If a customer is targeting both devices, he would need to create different PB windows for phones vs. for tablets. The best strategy is to include 2 sets of PB windows in a single PB application. The application would select the proper windows depending on the user device. Appeon provides a function to detect whether app is running on tablet or phone. So the customer would need to do a little coding to call the Appeon function and depending on the device type open the appropriate window.

If a customer only wants to target tablets and desktops, it should be possible for the desktop and tablets to share the same PB windows since tablets have fairly decent screen size.  It may not be necessary to do such switching or develop 2 sets of PB windows. 1 set of PB windows should be enough

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