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Posted by Carmina Garcia on 01 March 2012 06:07 PM

Appeon provides built-in security mechanism to secure the web access.

Note that Appeon’s security is a second layer of security since originally it is a PowerBuilder application and the PB app developer should take the security issue into consideration during the programming.

Appeon will convert that security to the web, and will add on top of that its own layer to secure the data transfer on the Web.

If you have strong concerns about the security, you can also implement HTTPS, which is supported by Appeon.

How does Appeon secure the data transfer on the Web.

1.        All data transferred between Appeon client and Appeon Server will be dually encrypted. It will first of all be binary encrypted and then 128 –bit encrypted.

2.         Both Appeon client and Appeon Server will first of all validate the data, to ensure this is a data or request comes from Appeon Server or Appeon client. Every Appeon sent request or data is labeled with identifier that can only be recognized in Appeon. The identifier is also encrypted.  

3.         All the requests sent from Appeon client side can be transferred in HTTP, and the information between Appeon client and Appeon Server is transferred in encrypted data stream.



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