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What is Appeon for PowerBuilder?
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 19 September 2011 06:05 PM

Appeon for PowerBuilder (APB) is a solution for PowerBuilder developers to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) rapidly and easily. APB automatically deploys any existing Client/Server applications to the Web with minimal effort. There is no faster or easier way for PowerBuilder developers to embrace the Web and Java or .NET technologies.

  • No need to retool your PowerBuilder development team and force them to work with less productive tools
  • No need to throw away engineering-years of investments in your existing PowerBuilder applications
  • No need to retrain your end-users to work with a new inferior page-by-page user interface

Appeon for PowerBuilder consists of a PowerBuilder IDE plug-in (Appeon Developer) and the Java/.NET application server runtime (Appeon Server).

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