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Appeon Web - How is Appeon for PowerBuilder different from other Web migration frameworks?
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 28 January 2011 01:23 PM
Appeon for PowerBuilder is different from other Web migration framework because:
  1. Once the PowerBuilder application has been modified to meet the requirements for moving to the Web, Appeon automatically transforms entire PowerBuilder applications to n-tier Web applications many times faster than any other development methodology. Other migration frameworks are essentially rewrites, only moving very limited pieces of your application.
  2.  Appeon utilizes only one set of native PowerBuilder source code for both the client/server and Web deployment of the application. This is useful for customers that have business requirements to offer both deployment methods without incurring cost of 2 separate projects. 
  3.  Appeon requires only PowerBuilder skills. Other solutions typically require HTML/JavaScript and Java/.NET skills, as well as a deep understanding of issues encountered developing Web applications for the n-tier architecture, such as security, performance, and scalability.
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