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Appeon Web - Is the PB-to-Web process really 100% automatic?
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 14 January 2011 12:28 PM

The Web migration process that reads PowerBuilder PBLs and generates an n-tier Web application is 100% automated with Appeon for PowerBuilder. If you build a new application with PowerBuilder to Appeon standards, it can in fact be deployed to the Web at the click of a button. However, some work, typically very minimal, will be required to deploy an existing and traditionally client/server application to the Web (i.e. perform a Web conversion).

An Appeon Web conversion is actually much simpler than typical Web migrations. In an Appeon Web conversion, you will only need to perform standard PowerBuilder client/server programming. The PowerBuilder programming you perform is to
1) Remove/workaround unsupported PowerBuilder code that cannot be converted to the Web and that is critical in running the application in PowerBuilder, and
2) Optimize the PowerBuilder code to achieve better Web runtime performance (if desired). 

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