How to display the PDF files on the client mobile device ?
Posted by Agathe Lesgourgues on 09 September 2014 04:18 PM

There are two methods to display the PDF files on the client mobile device.

 Method 1: Put the PDF files to the web server and then display it with the following codes:

inet l_inet

l_inet = create inet

l_inet. HyperLinkToURL("")


Method 2: Use the Webview objects which are provided in the Appeon 2015 version to display the PDF files locally. Here is the related help documentation and codes for your reference: 

int  li_ret

string ls_filepath


ls_filepath = appeongetcachedir()+"/plugin/test.pdf"

li_ret = uo_webview.of_loadlocalfile (ls_filepath)

if li_ret > -1 then

 messagebox("note:", "success of_loadlocalfile:FilePath:" +ls_filepath + ", return value:" +  string(li_ret))


messagebox("note:", "failed of_loadlocalfile:FilePath:" +ls_filepath + ", return value:" +  string(li_ret))

end if


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