Appeon Web - Apeon File server - general information
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 29 April 2013 06:54 PM

Appeon File Server is a standard non-visual Web application running on the back-end for uploading and downloading files.

Below some general information that will help you using this functionality:

  • The functions: of_appeonupload() and of_appeondownload()  can not upload and download the multi files. They can only upload/download 1 file.
  • The function of_appeonupload() can't save with the same name two different files, you need to rename/delete one of them before execute the of_appeondownload().. There is a parameter ‘isrename’ (if it is set to “True”) of function of_appeonupload() to let the user replace or rename the file when another file with the same name already exists. But if ‘isrename’ is set to “False” then the existed file with the same name will be covered.

You will find further information on Appeon Help - Workarounds & API Guide - Appeon Workarounds PBL Reference - General API - File Upload & Download

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