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Posted by Carmina Garcia on 24 April 2013 06:18 PM

When an end users downloads the Appeon Mobile applications from the Apple store/Android market those applications will try to connect to the database to get data – since PB applications are database-driven apps.  The connection to the database is made via the Appeon Server.  

Some of the features and advantages of Appeon Mobile Server are:

1.       Appeon Server automatically updates the application.   Each time the user clicks the icon of an Appeon Mobile application, the app will try to connect to the Appeon Server and if an updated version of the app is deployed to Appeon Server then it automatically updates on the mobile device.  This works no matter using Appeon Workspace or making an stand-alone .IPA file that is download from Apple store.

2.       Appeon Server automatically resizes the UI to display appropriately on various screen sizes/devices, resolutions, and orientations.  The rules are defined in Appeon Server and can be set globally or on a per window basis.

3.       Appeon Server together with Appeon Workspace enables the user to bypass the Apple store, bypass applying and purchasing an Enterprise certificate, and bypass the procedure of building an IPA file on OSX.  The Appeon Server directly serves the app to the Appeon Workspace client.

4.       Appeon Server enables the mobile app to easily consume Web services, which could be deployed to the Appeon Server or come from a third-party, such as Web Services, SAP Web Services, etc.

5.       Appeon Server authenticates the user to ensure that no unauthorized users are running the application or hacking into server-side resources, such as server-side database, Web services, etc. 

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