Error - Failed to find the transaction 'sqlca' in the current session
Posted by inactif_04 inactif_04 on 14 September 2012 11:17 AM
Please follow the instructions below:
1. Make sure the connection cache can ping successfully in the AEM Console > Server Properties > Connection Cache > Edit Connection Cache > [your_connectcache].
2. Go to the AEM Console > Application Properties > Transaction Objects > [your_application] to set the Transaction Object to to connection cache mapping.
3. Make sure the application profile configuration of Appeon developer tool has been set the correct database settings.

sqlca.dbms = 'O10'
sqlca.servername = 'tracker'
sqlca.userid = 'ADG_RH'
sqlca.dbpass = 'ADG'
sqlca.dbparm = "DbParm=DelimitIdentifier='No',DecimalSeparator='.',disablebind=0,timestamp=0"
sqlca.logid = sqlca.userid
sqlca.logpass = sqlca.dbpass

CONNECT using sqlca;

if sqlca.SQLCODE <> 0 then
MESSAGEBOX( 'Error connect', string( sqlca.SQLCODE ) )
disconnect using sqlca;
end if
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