Appeon Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting Appeon Install
InstallShield errors
Error 1607 or 1628
Error 1155
"DLL function call crashed" error when launching an Appeon Setup program
Install Appeon Server
EAServer cannot be started after Appeon Server install
Cannot connect to EAServer Manager
Install Appeon Server Web Component
Third-party Web Server problems with the Sybase redirector plug-in
Upgrade installation
"Upgrading AppeonDB failed" error
"Bad interpreter: No such file or directory" error
Uninstall issues
"Failed to remove aprpmnt.dll" error
Frequently Asked Questions
Troubleshooting Appeon Developer
Operating Appeon Developer toolbar
"ADT is already running" error
Exiting Appeon Developer completely after an error
Windows XP SP2 critical update makes Appeon Developer not start
Appeon Developer Configuration
Testing connection fails during DB Type Profile configuration
"Error launching LoadConfig"
Feature Analysis
"The XML page cannot be displayed" when opening a UFA report
"Error loading ADTObjectList.xml"
"Error loading command string"
Feature analysis or deployment comes to a standstill
"Fail to load PBTempl.xml" error
"This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" error, when you deploy or analyze an application
"Error opening DLL Library adtxml.dll for external function" Error
Appeon Debugger
"Script Debugger Component Not Found" error
"Component Not Registered" error
"Script Debugger Disabled" error
Troubleshooting Web Deployment
Deployment performance
Unusual deployment duration
Failed to deploy Web applications in WebSphere7
Task 1: Application Source Code Export
Source Code Export process aborts with a fatal error
How to locate problematic objects in an application
"Error: Failure in exporting XML file"
Warning 61537
Task 2: Web File Generation
Failure in Incremental Deployment
"Error launching LoadConfig"
"Failed to transfer command"
Exception at: CString CparseEngine..."
"Error loading command string"
Feature Analysis and deployment freezes
"Fail to analyze application" and "Fail to analyze Menu Object A in the B application"
Error "Could not read object"
Task 3: Web Deployment
"Error: Failure in adding an application to [Server Name]"
Unable to write to FTP Server: "Error: Unable to find the destination directory"
Web application deployment to remote servers does not work
"Error: Unable to upload INI file"
"Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'System.Byte[]'"
Troubleshooting Web Applications
Launch Web applications
"Unable to validate current license file. Please reinstall Appeon Server"
"Failed to install the Download Center plug-in!"
Failed to manually download Appeon Active X
"Failed to initialize Appeon Weblibrary Component"
Demo Web applications do not load in Internet Explorer
Web applications do not load in Internet Explorer
EonApp not found error
The browser fails to open Web application
Error "Connect EAServer failed" when loading Appeon demo applications
Error "Create instance failed" when loading n-Tier NVO Web applications
"Create Session failed"
"Load application failed"
"Automation server cannot create object" error
"Failed to invoke remote procedure" error
"Automation server could not create object" error on some clients
"Object doesn't support this property or method" Error
Display errors
Distributed DataWindows are not displayed
Corrupt Chinese characters are displayed in a DataWindow
Non-English characters do not display correctly
Text does not display or text is grayed out
DropDownListBox does not display completely
Nested reports over five pages do not display
Nested reports over 50 rows do not display
MDI windows do not display in full
Truncated display of data or controls in a DataWindow or Window
Extra space or padding between MDI client area and toolbar
Text displays in large size and is cut off
Unable to display the double-byte characters
Runtime issues
"Stack overflow error"
"Could not Initialize JavaVM!"
"Failed to get DataWindow syntax from Appeon Server"
Window loses focus of I-beam cursor
Receiving "Server busy" error
"Error occurred while creating an object instance" on the status box
"Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" warning message
DropDownDataWindow value incorrectly selected
"Predefined error_message pfc_dwdberror"
""Undefined" is undefined" error
Demo Web application fails to call EJB component
"Unable to start specified database" error occurs when connecting to ASA database
Error occurs when running Distributed DataWindow in Appeon Code Examples Demo
Session expired when creating Data Source in EAServer 6.x Web Console
Data operation
Retrieved data does not display in DataWindows
Unable to retrieve data from database
Database lock
Data missing in some DataWindows
DataWindows do not respond
Fail to update large blob data
Fail to update data
Fail to update generated DataWindow
Update error "Failed to update database due to java.sql.SQLException... cannot insert value NULL..."
"Error converting data type A to B"
Fail to update DataWindows with newly entered Korean characters
SelectBlob and UpdateBlob have different results for non-binary fields
DataWindow printing
"Print error! ... Failed to set PDF Printer."
"Print error! Java Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: GetMillisecond"
Paper size for printing a DataWindow not available in paper
Contents in printed PDF file cannot display completely
Windows open relatively slow
Web application is very slow if use ASA database and Appeon Server for .NET
ASA engine crashes when you insert data into AppeonDB
Server NVO cannot be activated when the Web application is running
An item which usually requires one click must be clicked twice to be selected
Special characters in URL cause missing parameters when being redirected
Troubleshooting Appeon Server
Loading AEM
Fail to pre-compile AEM
The AEM Web page cannot be displayed
Error "500 Servlet jspservlet: ..."
Fail to login AEM with the default user name and password
Security settings in AEM do not take effect
Appeon Server
Appeon Server is dead when dynamically creating a DataWindow
Appeon Server is not correctly started after upgrading to a new vesrion
Appeon Server responds to user requests slowly
AEM cannot interface with a particular Appeon Server
"Fail to load the remote interface" error
JDBC/ODBC TDS data type discrepancy on ASA
Empty/Null value update error if ASA/ASE
Web application does not run when the database is disconnected by exception
"Table or view not found" error
"Table already exists" error
Appeondb is not started when EAServer starts
Fail to ping appeondb connection cache
Fail to ping appeonsample connection cache
Server Error in "/servlet" Application
Fail to ping connection caches for SQL Server 2000
" [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error establishing socket."
"java.sql.SQLException:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Connection is busy with results for another hstmt" Error when using the MS SQL Server database
"Error converting data type varchar to datatime"
"ORA-01461" error
"oracle 9i failed: System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater”
"Procedure 'appeon_procdataobjects' not found"
EAServer 6.x startup error
Fail to start Appeon Server on JEUS
Troubleshooting PowerBuilder and EAServer
PowerBuilder issues
Nested reports over five pages do not display
Upgrading to a different Build of PowerBuilder
Data range issue with n-Tier NVOs
EAServer issues
Cannot start EAServer Manager
Starting EAServer fails
EAServer cannot start
"Create appeon component failed" error
Pinging connection cache fails when using the ASA JDBC driver
Support for non-JDBC drivers
Failed to create new data sources
Error Messages
Error Message Formats
Error Message Numbers and Descriptions
Error Message Priority
Error 00001-09999
Error 10001-20000
Error 20001-30000
Error 00001
Error 00002
Error 00003
Error 00004
Error 00005
Error 00006
Error 00007
Error 00008
Error 00009
Error 00010
Error 00011
Error 00012
Error 00013
Error 00014
Error 00015
Error 00016
Error 00017
Error 00018
Error 00019
Error 00020
Error 00021
Error 00022
Error 00023
Error 00024
Error 00025
Error 00026
Error 00027
Error 00028
Error 00029
Error 00030
Error 00031
Error 00032
Error 00051
Error 00052
Error 00053
Error 00054
Error 00055
Error 00056
Error 00057
Error 00058
Error 00059
Error 00060
Error 00901
Error 00902
Error 00904
Error 00905
Error 00906
Error 01001
Error 01002
Error 01003
Error 01004
Error 01005
Error 01006
Error 02002
Error 02003
Error 02004
Error 02005
Error 02006
Error 02007
Error 02010
Error 02011
Error 02012
Error 02013
Error 03001
Error 03002
Error 03003
Error 03004
Error 03501
Error 03502
Error 03503
Error 03504
Error 03505
Error 03506
Error 03507
Error 03508
Error 03509
Error 03510
Error 03511
Error 04001
Error 04002
Error 04003
Error 04004
Error 04005
Error 04006
Error 09999
Error 10001
Error 10014
Error 10015
Error 10016
Error 10017
Error 10501
Error 10502
Error 10504
Error 10505
Error 10506
Error 10507
Error 10508
Error 11006
Error 11007
Error 11008
Error 11009
Error 11010
Error 11011
Error 11012
Error 11013
Error 11014
Error 11015
Error 11016
Error 11017
Error 11020
Error 11021
Error 11022
Error 11023
Error 11024
Error 11025
Error 11026
Error 11027
Error 11028
Error 11029
Error 11502
Error 11503
Error 11509
Error 11512
Error 11514
Error 11515
Error 11516
Error 11517
Error 11519
Error 11520
Error 11521
Error 11522
Error 11523
Error 11524
Error 12001
Error 12008
Error 12009
Error 12010
Error 12011
Error 12012
Error 12013
Error 12015
Error 12016
Error 12017
Error 12018
Error 12019
Error 12020
Error 12021
Error 12025
Error 12026
Error 12027
Error 12028
Error 12029
Error 12030
Error 12501
Error 12502
Error 12503
Error 12504
Error 12505
Error 12506
Error 12507
Error 12508
Error 12509
Error 12510
Error 12511
Error 13001
Error 13002
Error 13003
Error 13004
Error 13005
Error 13006
Error 13007
Error 13008
Error 13009
Error 13010
Error 13011
Error 13012
Error 13013
Error 13014
Error 13015
Error 13016
Error 13017
Error 13018
Error 13019
Error 13020
Error 13021
Error 13022
Error 13023
Error 13024
Error 13025
Error 13026
Error 13027
Error 13028
Error 14001
Error 14002
Error 14003
Error 14004
Error 14005
Error 14006
Error 14009
Error 14010
Error 14016
Error 14017
Error 14018
Error 14019
Error 14020
Error 14022
Error 14024
Error 14025
Error 14026
Error 14027
Error 14028
Error 14029
Error 14030
Error 14031
Error 14501
Error 14502
Error 15002
Error 15003
Error 15004
Error 15005
Error 15006
Error 15007
Error 15009
Error 15010
Error 15011
Error 15012
Error 15013
Error 15016
Error 15020
Error 15021
Error 15022
Error 15023
Error 15051
Error 15052
Error 15053
Error 15054
Error 15055
Error 20001
Error 20002
Error 20003
Error 20004
Error 20005
Error 20006
Error 20007
Error 20008
Error 20009
Error 20010
Error 20011
Error 20012
Error 20013
Error 20014
Error 20015
Error 20016
Error 20017
Error 20018
Error 20019
Error 20020
Error 20021
Error 20023
Error 20024
Error 20025
Error 20026
Error 20027
Error 20028
Error 20029
Error 20030
Error 20031
Error 20032
Error 20033
Error 20034
Error 20035
Error 20037
Error 20038
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Appeon Troubleshooting Guide
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Error  02010
Priority  1
Error Message
Error in generating the WAR file.
Possible Cause
Appeon Developer is corrupted. Please reinstall Appeon Developer.