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What's New in Appeon 6.0 for PowerBuilder
What's New in Appeon 6.1 for PowerBuilder
What's New in Appeon 6.2 for PowerBuilder
Basic Requirements and Recommendations
Basic requirements
Requirements for upgrading PowerBuilder applications
Application language recommendations
Web Browser Limitations
Application Techniques
Distributed application support
N-Tier PowerBuilder NVOs
N-Tier DataWindows
Program access techniques
Using OLE in an application
Using external functions
Using Run PowerScript function
Building a Mail-Enabled Application
Using drag and drop
Using Unicode
Web Enhancements and Differences
Application enhancements and differences
Enhancement: Appeon security enhancement
Enhancement: Installing Appeon Active X control
Enhancement: Appeon Sever open interfaces
Calling Appeon Server interfaces (EAServer 5.x)
Calling Appeon Server interfaces (EAServer6.1,WebLogic and WebSphere)
Application differences
DataWindow enhancements and differences
Enhancement: Appeon DataWindow menu
Enhancement: DataWindow printing
User operation differences
Object/control enhancements and differences
User operation differences
System Objects and Controls
Supported controls
CheckBox control
Properties for CheckBox control
Events for CheckBox control
Functions for CheckBox control
CommandButton control
Properties for CommandButton control
Events for CommandButton control
Functions for CommandButton control
DropDownListBox control
Properties for DropDownListBox control
Events for DropDownListBox control
Functions for DropDownListBox control
DatePicker control
Properties for DatePicker control
Events for DatePicker control
Functions for DatePicker control
DropDownPictureListBox control
Properties for DropDownPictureListBox control
Events for DropDownPictureListBox control
Functions for DropDownPictureListBox control
EditMask control
Properties for EditMask control
Events for EditMask control
Functions for EditMask control
GroupBox control
Properties for GroupBox control
Events for GroupBox control
Functions for GroupBox control
HProgressBar control
Properties for HProgressBar control
Events for HProgressBar control
Functions for HProgressBar control
HScrollBar control
Properties for HScrollBar control
Events for HScrollBar control
Functions for HScrollBar control
HTrackBar control
Properties for HTrackBar control
Events for HTrackBar control
Functions for HTrackBar control
Line control
Properties for Line control
Events for Line control
Functions for Line control
ListBox control
Properties for ListBox control
Events for ListBox control
Functions for ListBox control
ListView control
Properties for ListView control
Events for ListView control
Functions for ListView control
MultiLineEdit control
Properties for MultiLineEdit control
Events for MultiLineEdit control
Functions for MultiLineEdit control
MonthCalendar control
Properties for MonthCalendar control
Events for MonthCalendar control
Functions for MonthCalendar control
OLEControl control
Properties for OLEControl control
Events for OLEControl control
Functions for OLEControl control
OLECustomControl control
Properties for OLECustomControl control
Events for OLECustomControl control
Functions for OLECustomControlcontrol
Oval control
Properties for Oval control
Events for Oval control
Functions for Oval control
Picture control
Properties for Picture control
Events for Picture control
Functions for Picture control
PictureButton control
Properties for PictureButton control
Events for PictureButton control
Functions for PictureButton control
PictureHyperLink control
Properties for PictureHyperLink control
Events for PictureHyperLink control
Functions for PictureHyperLink control
PictureListBox control
Properties for PictureListBox control
Events for PictureListBox control
Functions for PictureListBox control
RadioButton control
Properties for RadioButton control
Events for RadioButton control
Functions for RadioButton control
Rectangle control
Properties for Rectangle control
Events for Rectangle control
Functions for Rectangle control
RichTextEdit control
Properties for RichTextEdit control
Events for RichTextEdit control
Functions for RichTextEdit control
RoundRectangle control
Properties for RoundRectangle control
Events for RoundRectangle control
Functions for RoundRectangle control
SingleLineEdit control
Properties for SingleLineEdit control
Events for SingleLineEdit control
Functions for SingleLineEdit control
StaticHyperLink control
Properties for StaticHyperLink control
Events for StaticHyperLink control
Functions for StaticHyperLink control
StaticText control
Properties for StaticText control
Events for StaticText control
Functions for StaticText control
Tab control
Properties for Tab control
Events for Tab control
Functions for Tab control
Properties for TabPage object
Events for Tabpage object
Functions for Tabpage object
TreeView control
Properties for TreeView control
Events for TreeView control
Functions for TreeView control
VProgressBar control
Properties for VProgressBar control
Events for VProgressBar control
Functions for VProgressBar control
VScrollBar control
Properties for VScrollBar control
Events for VScrollBar control
Functions for VScrollBar control
VTrackBar control
Properties for VTrackBar control
Events for VTrackBar control
Functions for VTrackBar control
System objects
Supported objects
Application object
Properties for Application object
Events for Application object
Functions for Application object
Connection object
Properties for Connection object
Events for Connection object
Functions for Connection object
CORBAObject object
Properties for CORBAObject object
Events for CORBAObject object
Functions for CORBAObject object
DynamicDescriptionArea object
Properties for DynamicDescriptionArea object
Events for DynamicDescriptionArea object
Functions for DynamicDescriptionArea object
DynamicStagingArea object
Properties for DynamicStagingArea object
Events for DynamicStagingArea object
Functions for DynamicStagingArea object
Environment object
Properties for Environment object
Functions for Environment object
Graph object
Properties for Graph object
Events for Graph object
Functions for Graph object
grAxis object
Properties for grAxis object
Functions for grAxis object
grDispAttr object
Properties for grDispAttr object
Functions for grDispAttr object
Inet object
Properties for Inet object
Events for Inet object
Functions for Inet object
InternetResult object
Properties for InternetResult object
Events for InternetResult object
Functions for InternetResult object
ListViewItem object
Properties for ListViewItem object
Functions for ListViewItem object
MDIClient object
Properties for MDIClient object
Functions for MDIClient object
mailFileDescription object
Properties for mailFileDescription object
Functions for mailFileDescription object
mailMessage object
Properties for mailMessage object
Functions for mailMessage object
mailRecipient object
Properties for mailRecipient object
Functions for mailRecipient object
mailSession object
Properties for mailSession object
Events for mailSession object
Functions for mailSession object
Menu object
Menu features
Toolbar features
Properties for Menu object
Events for Menu object
Functions for Menu object
MenuCascade object
Properties for MenuCascade object
Events for MenuCascade object
Functions for MenuCascade object
Message object
Properties for Message object
Events for Message object
Functions for Message object
NonVisualObject object
Properties for NonVisualObject object
Events for NonVisualObject object
Functions for NonVisualObject object
OLEObject object
Properties for OLEObject object
Events for OLEObject object
Functions for OLEObject object
Timing object
Properties for Timing object
Events for Timing object
Functions for Timing object
Transaction object
Properties for Transaction object
Events for Transaction object
Functions for Transaction object
TreeViewItem object
Properties for TreeViewItem object
Functions for TreeViewItem object
UserObject object
Properties for UserObject object
Events for UserObject object
Functions for UserObject object
Window object
Properties for Window object
Events for Window object
Functions for Window object
Window types
Opening and closing windows
User Operation in Windows
Window variables
Unsupported objects
ArrayBounds object
ClassDefinition object
ConnectionInfo object
ContextInformation object
ContextKeyword object
CPlusPlus object
EnumerationDefinition object
EnumerationItemDefinition object
Error object
OLEStorage object
OLEStream object
Pipeline object
ProfileCall object
ProfileClass object
ProfileLine object
ProfileRoutine object
Profiling object
ScriptDefinition object
SimpleTypeDefinition object
TraceActivityNode object
TraceBeginEnd object
TraceError object
TraceESQL object
TraceFile object
TraceGarbageCollect object
TraceLine object
TraceObject object
TraceRoutine object
TraceTree object
TraceTreeError object
TraceTreeESQL object
TraceTreeGarbageCollect object
TraceTreeLine object
TraceTreeNode object
TraceTreeRoutine object
TraceTreeUser object
TraceUser object
Transport object
TypeDefinition object
VariableCardinalityDefinition object
VariableDefinition object
PowerScript Reference
PowerScript Topics
Object-Oriented Programming
Language basics
Special ASCII Characters
Null values
Reserved words
Statement continuation & separation
Data types
Standard data types
Any data type
System object data types
Enumerated data types
Forced conversion between data types
Variables and constants
Declaration syntax
Initialization and assignment
Passing array as an argument
Complex arrays
External functions
Operators & expressions
Definition and declaration of structures
Referring to structure variables
Initialization and assignment of structure variables
Passing structures as arguments
Complex structures
User objects
User objects
Autoinstantiated NVO
Nonautoinstantiated NVO
Calling functions and events
Syntax for calling functions and events
Triggering & Posting
Static & dynamic calls
Overloading, overriding, and extending functions and events
Passing arguments to functions and events
Using return values of functions and events
Document Interface
PowerScript statements
Using PowerBuilder Source Editor
Embedded SQL
Database server and data types
Transaction management statements
Non-cursor statements
Cursor statements
Database stored procedures
Dynamic SQL
System functions
Supported types
Array functions
Blob functions
Data type checking and conversion functions
Date, Day, and Time functions
DDE client functions and events
File functions
International functions
Miscellaneous functions
Numeric functions
Print functions
Printer functions
Registry functions
String functions
System and environment functions
Timing functions
Window functions
Unsupported types
Class definition functions
DDE server functions
Garbage collection functions
Help functions
Library functions
Shared Object (SharedObject) functions
Tracing functions
User functions
Event types
System messages
System message (non-standard EventID)
DataWindow data sources
SQL statements in DataWindows
DataWindow presentation styles
Composite DataWindow
CrossTab DataWindow
Grouping in DataWindow
Graph DataWindow
RichText DataWindow
TreeView DataWindow
Displaying and validating data
Dynamic DataWindow
DataWindow operators and expressions
DataWindow object and the properties
DataWindow object
DataWindow object properties
Controls in a DataWindow and their properties
Button control
Column control
Computed Field control
Graph control
GroupBox control
Line control
Oval control
Picture control
Rectangle control
Report Control
RoundRectangle control
Text control
Unsupported controls
DataWindow data and property expressions
DataWindow constants
DataWindow control
DataStore object
DataWindowChild object
DataWindow performance considerations
DBParm parameters in Database
Web Services Client
SoapConnection object
SoapException object
Undetected features

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Events for RichTextEdit control

Properties | Events | Functions


Event   Support Level   Example Code
Constructor   Supported   Constructor
Destructor   Supported   Destruvtor
DoubleClicked   Supported   DoubleClicked
GetFocus   Supported   rte_1 = GetFocus()
Key   Supported   IF key = KeyF1! THEN Beep(1)

Note: Some keystrokes take no effect in formatting the document in RichText DataWindow. For example, pressing Esc after updating data in an inputfield restores the data in PowerBuilder but takes no effect on the Web.

LoseFocus   Supported   LoseFocus
Modified   Supported   Modified
MouseDown   Supported   rte_1.text = "Mouse Down"
MouseMove   Supported   rte_1.Text = "Mouse Move"
MouseUp   Supported   rte_1.Text = "Mouse Up"
RButtonDown   Supported   RButtonDown
RButtonUp   Supported   RButtonUp
DragDrop   Unsupported    
DragEnter   Unsupported    
DragLeave   Unsupported    
DragWithin   Unsupported    
FileExists   Unsupported    
Help   Unsupported    
InputFieldSelected   Unsupported    
Other   Unsupported  


PictureSelected   Unsupported    
PrintFooter   Unsupported    
PrintHeader   Unsupported