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Supported PowerBuilder Features

This section provides a high-level overview of supported PowerBuilder features in Appeon for PowerBuilder 6.6 For any supported feature, there may be usages that are not supported, such as specific events, properties or functions of an object. This list by no means includes every supported feature, but aims to capture those most commonly used in PowerBuilder applications.

For more information on supported PowerBuilder features, download the Appeon Supported Features Guide or Appeon Supported Features Help.

Appeon for PowerBuilder supports at least 10 times more features than any existing PowerBuilder Web framework:


Supports 36 PowerBuilder controls including:

CheckBox, CommandButton, DataWindow, DropDownListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, EditMask, GroupBox, HProgressBar *, HScrollBar*, HTrackBar*, Line, ListBox, ListView, MultiLineEdit, OLEControl*, OLECustomControl*, Oval*, Picture, PictureButton, PictureHyperlink, PictureListBox, RadioButton, Rectangle, RoundRectangle*, SingleLineEdit, StaticHyperlink, StaticText, Tab, TreeView, VProgressBar*, VScrollBar*, VTrackBar*,Graph*, RichTextEdit*,DatePicker, MonthCalender.

System Objects

Supports 34 PowerBuilder objects including:

Application, Connection, CORBAObject, DataStore, DataWindowChild, DragObject, DWObject, DynamicStagingArea, Environment*, GraphicObject, ListViewItem, MenuCascade*, mailFileDescription*, mailMessage*, mailRecipient*, mailSession*, MDIClient, Menu (including Toolbar), Message, NonVisualObject, OLEObject, PowerObject, Transaction, TreeViewItem, UserObject, Window, WindowObject, DynamicDescriptionArea*, Inet*, InternetResult*, Timing*, DrawObject*, grAxis, grDispAttr.


  • Window types: All Window types including MDI sheet, MDI and MDIHelp, Main, Child, Popup and Response
  • Document interface: Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and Single Document Interface (SDI)


Robust DataWindow support:

  • DataWindow Presentation Styles: Composite, Crosstab, Freeform, Group, Graph, Grid, Nested, Label, N-Up, Tabular, RichText, TreeView
  • DataWindow Bands: Header, Detail, Footer, Trailer*& Summary,Tree.Level band
  • DataWindow Buffers: Primary, Filter, Delete
  • DataWindow Data Sources: SQL, Query, Stored Procedure, External
  • DataWindow Column Style Types: EditMask, Edit, CheckBox, DropDownDataWindow, DropDownListBox, and RadioButton
  • DataWindow Child: DataWindowChild with almost all DataWindow functions
  • DataWindow Controls: Button, Column , ComputedField, GroupBox*, Line, Oval*, Picture*, Report*, Rectangle*, RoundRectangle*, Text
  • DataWindow Describe & Modify
  • DataWindow ImportFile* & ImportString* functions
  • DataWindow ShareData & ShareDataOff
  • DataWindow Dot Notation
  • DataWindow Expressions & Operators
  • DataWindow Validation Rules
  • DataWindow Printing & SaveAs Automatically (No Coding) for Excel, HTML & Text


  • Dynamic Tab Pages - OpenTab*, OpenTabWithParm* and CloseTab* functions

User Objects

  • Custom class user objects
  • Custom visual user objects
  • Standard class user objects
  • Standard visual user objects
  • Dynamic User Objects: OpenUserObject*, OpenUserObjectWithParm* and CloseUserObject* functions
  • N-tier NVOs - learn more about this powerful new feature

PowerScript Features

  • PowerScript Statements


  • Reserved Words
  • Pronouns (This, Parent, Super)
  • Identifiers
  • Operators & Expressions
  • ASCII Characters (~n, ~t, etc.)
  • Data Types & Constants

Supports all standard data types:
Blob*, Boolean, Char or character , Date, DateTime, Decimal, Double, Int or Integer, Long, Real, String, Time, UInt, ULong, UnsignedInt, UnsignedInteger, UnsignedLong

  • Arrays
  • Structures
  • Null Values
  • Statement Continuation/Separation
  • Comments
  • Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism

Events & Functions

  • User Defined Events & Functions
  • Global and Object Events & Functions
  • Triggering & Posting Events
  • Static Calls to Events & Functions
  • Dynamic Calls to Events & Functions
  • Extending, Overriding, and Overloading Events & Functions
  • Arguments & Return Values
  • External INI file, Registry and DLL support

System Functions

Array functions, Blob Functions*, Data Type Checking and Conversion functions, Date, Day, and Time functions, File Functions*, International functions, Miscellaneous functions, Numeric functions, Print* & Printer* functions, Registry functions, String functions, System and Environment functions, Timing functions, Window functions, DDE Client Functions*, DE Client Functions

Embedded SQL

  • Cursor/Non-Cursor SQL Statements
  • Dynamic SQL Statements - Format 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Stored Procedure SQL Statements
  • Transaction Management

User Interface Interactions

Hot Keys*, Shortcut Keys*, Accelerator Keys*
Drag n' Drop*