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Unsupported PowerBuilder Features

PowerBuilder has thousands of features, many of which are not commonly used or relevant to a Web-based application. Browser limitations also determine what features are possible to support.

This section provides a high-level overview of the unsupported PB features. By no means is this inclusive of every unsupported feature, but aims to capture the major unsupported features without drilling into individual events, functions, and properties.

Some of the unsupported features will be incorporated into future releases of Appeon. Although an application containing unsupported features can still be converted to the Web in .NET or Java, the application may not work correctly if the unsupported feature is critical in running the application in PowerBuilder. If the application does not run properly because of a specific unsupported feature, you will need to rewrite or remove it.

Appeon welcomes suggestions on features to support in future releases of Appeon for PowerBuilder. Please send suggestions or comments to:


  • Presentation Styles: OLE
  • Controls for DataWindows: TableBlob

External Objects

  • External visual objects

*Note: External object can be worked around.

PowerScript Statements


System Functions

Class Definition functions, DDE Server functions, Garbage Collection functions, Help functions, Library functions, Shared Object functions, Tracing functions

System Objects

ADOResultSet, ArrayBounds, ClassDefinition, ClassDefinitionObject, ConnectionInfo, ConnectObject, ContextInformation, ContextKeyword, CORBABadTypeContext, CORBABadInvorder, CORBABadOperation, CORBABadParam, CORBABadTypeCode, CORBACommFailure, CORBACurrent, CORBADataConversion, CORBAFreeMem, CORBAImpLimit, CORBAInitialize, CORBAInternal, CORBAIntFrePos, CORBAInvalidTransaction, CORBAInvFlag, CORBAInvIdentInvOBJRef, CORBAMarshal, CORBANoImplement, CORBANoMemory, CORBANoPermission, CORBANoResources, CORBANoResponse, CORBAOBJAdapter, CORBAObjectNoTexist, CORBAPersistStore, CORBASystemException, CORBATransactionRequired, CORBATransactionRolledback, CORBATranslent, CORBAUnion, CORBAUnknown, CORBAUserException, CPlusPlus, DivideByZeroError, DWRuntimeError, EnumerationDefinition, EnumerationItemDefinition, Error, ErrorLogging, Exception, ExtObject, JaguarORB, NullObjectError, OLERuntimeError, OLEStorage, OLEStream, OLETxnObject, OMControl, OMCustomControl, OMEmbeddedControl, OMObject, OMStorage, OMStream, ORB, PBTocppObject, Pipeline, ProfileCall, ProfileClass, ProfileLine, ProfileRoutine, Profiling, RemoteObject, ResultSet, ResultSets, RuntimeError, ScriptDefinition, Service, SimpleTypeDefinition, SSLCallBack, SSLServiceProvider, SystemFunctions, Throwable, TraceActivityNode, TraceBeginEnd, TraceError, TraceESQL, TraceFile, TraceGarbageCollect, TraceLine, TraceObject, TraceRoutine, TraceTree, TraceTreeError, TraceTreeESQL, TraceTreeGarbageCollect, TraceTreeLine, TraceTreeNode, TraceTreeObject, TraceTreeRoutine, TraceTreeUser, TraceUser, TransactionServer, Transport, TypeDefinition, VariableCardinalityDefinition, VariableDefinition