Appeon Web
Take your PowerBuilder apps to the Web

Understand the Architecture

Appeon for PowerBuilder deploys your 4GL Web project to the standard n-tier Web architecture and Java/.NET application servers. The presentation tier, business tier, and data tier are logically separated. The three tiers can run on the same physical server or be separated onto multiple servers and clustered. You can take advantage of numerous security mechanisms, including SSL/HTTPS, VPN, Firewall and Web browser security. No matter how small or large your organization is, you will realize the benefits of greater availability, scalability, security, and reliability.

Appeon Run-time Architecture

Web Browsers:

The Web browser runs the presentation layer of the Web application. The presentation layer is comprised of a set of HTML, XML, JavaScript files and an ActiveX runtime library. The Client and Server exchange all data over the standard HTTP/HTTPS protocol.


Port 80 is supported to comply with corporate firewall requirements.

Web Servers:

The Web server hosts the presentation layer for the migrated Web application.

Java/.NET Application Servers:

Appeon Server hosts the business and data access logic for the Web application and the Appeon Server.
Database: Your existing databases can be used for the Web application without any changes required.

The Appeon .NET Web application and the Appeon J2EE Web application share similar architecture, while J2EE requires different server platform and uses the JDBC data access method. The Appeon .NET Web application is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and standard Web technologies, including AJAX, HTML/JavaScript, and ActiveX. A small 2MB ActiveX control combined with AJAX technology deliver an unparalleled PowerBuilder UI and performance on the Web.