Appeon Web
Take your PowerBuilder apps to the Web

Appeon Web

Transform PowerBuilder enterprises to the Java and .NET Web platform

Appeon Web (formerly APB) is a solution for PowerBuilder developers to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) rapidly and easily. APB automatically deploys any existing Client/Server applications to the Web with minimal effort. There is no faster or easier way for PowerBuilder developers to embrace the Web and Java or .NET technologies.

  • No need to retool your PowerBuilder development team and force them to work with less productive tools
  • No need to throw away engineering-years of investments in your existing PowerBuilder applications
  • No need to retrain your end-users to work with a new inferior page-by-page user interface

Appeon for PowerBuilder consists of a PowerBuilder IDE plug-in (Appeon Developer) and the Java/.NET application server runtime (Appeon Server).

Appeon Developer

Appeon Developer integrates seamlessly with the Sybase PowerBuilder IDE. Developers can rapidly deploy existing PowerBuilder applications to the Web or build new Web applications without having to write any HTML/JavaScript or Java/.NET code. Developers can utilize existing PowerBuilder constructs, user interface, DataWindows, PFC, and PowerScript.

Appeon Server

Appeon Server provides key services that make Web applications come to life:

  • Database Connectivity & Data Access
  • Transaction & Session Management
  • Web Applications Management
  • Server-side Integration like calling Web Services, .NET components, Java components, etc.
  • Security Management
  • Load Balancing & Failover