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Founded in Silicon Valley, Appeon has been a pioneer in developing revolutionary products that enable developers to build Web applications with 4GL-level productivity and 4GL-style rich UI. Today, Appeon enables enterprises to develop and deploy Internet applications faster and with significantly lower risk.
Companies of all sizes, in all industries and geographies, meet and exceed their business goals with the help of Appeon products, services solutions, and partners. Our customers speak for themselves about the benefits of simplification, standardization, automation, and innovation.

Sofrepost modernize commercial application How Sofrepost modernized their commercial PowerBuilder applications

Sofrepost is a subsidiary of La Poste (the French mail). They develop and sell SPS, a management system for post offices. Their clients are national postal systems from a dozen countries on several continents.
SPS is composed of 5 packaged applications, developed with PowerBuilder, representing around 150 Mb of code, 400 windows and 1200 DW.

The initial development of the application took place in 1996 and required approximately 10 man years. The application has since been regularly modified to extend its functionalities.
More recently, the requests of their clients have led Sofreport to study solutions to modernize this system. Here's how they did it...

State of Michigan InfoWeek 100 Award

Part of this success is based upon the Appeon for PowerBuilder web apps…
Customer Success Story Corner: State of Michigan wins Award

The State of Michigan recently won the coveted InfoWeek 100 Award for its Sybase solution. The InfoWeek 100 Award is given each year as a way to recognize those top 100 organizations that have most effectively used technology to improve their business.

State of Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services
Due to new government mandates and the consolidation of departments, the State of Michigan’s Office of Financial and Insurance Services (OFIS) confronted the challenge of custom building, or buying, a new IT infrastructure. Either option would require the investment of millions of dollars and several years to implement, along with the need for large scale effort to re-training and/or hiring staff.
Success Story of Taiwan HungKuang University
Hung Kuang University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as Hung Kuang for short), founded 38 years ago, has undergone expansions from a junior college to an institute of technology then to a university.
Appeon has worked closely with Sybase to achieve the project success for Leeds Teaching Hospitals.
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is the largest trust in the UK. It provides acute services for the population of Leeds and is a regional center for the treatment of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. The Trust employs more than 15,000 staff across eight sites and treats nearly one million patients each year.
Success Story of Discus Dental
Discus Dental, founded over seven years ago, is proud to be known today as one of the premier dental products companies in America. Located in Culver City, CA, Discus Dental is focused on a simple goal, to make the safest and most effective take-home dental products available to you from your dental office.
Appeon Rapidly Web-enables Key Products for Fortune Global 100 Company
In March 2004, Shengli's engineers encountered the Appeon for PowerBuilder solution by chance on the Internet.
Appeon Moves Pharmaceutical Enterprise to the Web
To reduce costs and improve the maintainability and usability of its IT systems, they needed to move a set of disparate PowerBuilder client-server-based systems to a unified Web-based platform