About Appeon

Since 1999, Appeon Corporation has set out to leverage incredible people to develop incredible software. Today, Appeon is powered by the large and talented pool of skilled software engineers available throughout China. Appeon aims to add unparalleled value to the IT operations of SME's worldwide by empowering them to accomplish what traditionally has been out of reach. To date, over 600 customers have benefited from Appeon products and services.

Appeon primarily operates 3 business lines to serve the IT needs of our customers:

  • Software Products
  • Offshore Development Centers
  • IT Consulting Services

Appeon is majority-owned by SMC, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate employing approximately 5,600 employees worldwide.


Appeon® for PowerBuilder®
Appeon for PowerBuilder, Appeon's flagship product, automatically converts PowerBuilder client/server applications to Web applications utilizing .NET or Java technology. Enterprises can realize all the benefits of modern Web technologies without the tremendous time, cost, and risk associated with Web migration projects. The US Patent and Trademark office has granted 5 patents protecting its technology.

Appeon® IntelliContract™
Appeon IntelliContract is an enterprise-level contract management solution that provides feature-rich contract management across the entire organization. It offers the highest degree of control to effectively negotiate, manage and track all types of contracts and business agreements. Whether you're looking to improve customer relationships, better manage risks, reduce exposure, ensure compliance, or just better organize and manage your many contracts, Appeon IntelliContract can help. Both Web-based and desktop versions of the product are available to fit the needs of all organizations.


Appeon partners with companies worldwide to create and manage local development centers in China. This enables our customers to realize the benefits of tapping into the highly-talented, abundant, and cost-effective pool of offshore talents. By partnering with Appeon, our customers can leverage our local expertise in developing such operations, our facilities and investment capital. As a result, the risk, cost, and time required to create a successful ODC is greatly reduced. In partnership with various companies worldwide, Appeon has already successfully brought online six ODC's. The first Appeon ODC was developed for a US 5-billion dollar healthcare organization publicly traded on NASDAQ.


Appeon IT Consulting Services are aimed at providing cost-effective solutions to our customer's mission-critical or strategic business issues. We have keen focus on forging long-lasting relationships and delivering quality end-to-end solutions, thereby empowering our customers to better focus on improving and expanding their core business. Appeon has breadth and depth of experience helping customers from all over the globe in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. Whether your organization requires Web development, mobile development, client/server development, Web migration, database migration, or software localization, Appeon can help accelerate your project, reduce your cost, and guarantee your success.