Mobile Development Survey 2013

Give us your opinion and discover what others are working on.
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1. Do you plan to build mobile apps…

For Smartphones?

For Tablets/Pads?

Please describe briefly what you would like to accomplish:
2. Do you prefer to use Native or HTML mobile apps?

Native Mobile Apps

HTML Mobile Apps Please describe why you prefer a particular type of mobile app:
3. Please check all the platforms that your organization MUST support?
Android Apple iOS BlackBerry OS
webOS Windows Phone  Other:
4. How many users would  access this application?
1-100 100-400
More than 1000
Don't know/Prefer not to say
5. Ideally, when would you deliver (deploy) these applications?
2013 2014 2015 Later Don't know/Prefer not to say
6. Would you develop new applications, or migrate existing code?
Create new mobile applications from scratch  
Deploy existing Datawindows to Mobile devices  
Migrate existing PowerBuilder applications ................................. If Checked
7. How would you distribute the client application?
Public Market (App Store, Google Play, etc.) Private Distribution (MDM Server, Web download, etc.) Other, please Specify Don't know/ Prefer not to say
8. On which Server would you host your Mobile application?
In-house Hosting Out-sourced Hosting Provider Public Cloud Provider, Don't know/Prefer not to say
9. Please rank in order of importance (select from the dropdown)